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Heal all your negative emotions
(© Jim Leonard, 2002)
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Your negative emotions are reducing your happiness and the happiness of people around you. It's not just the negative emotions that you know about and people tell you about.

It's also the suppressed, negative emotions that cause your problems from the subconscious level. Some of these suppressed, negative emotions may have their origin in traumatic experiences in your past. Even though the past is over, you still carry some of the old emotions with you now. This is very undesirable.

Vivation is a simple skill you can learn to do for yourself that will empower you to heal all your negative emotions forever. Since I created Vivation in 1979, Vivation has helped many thousands of people heal their own anger, guilt, depression, anxiety, envy, fear, phobias, sadness, grief, shame, jealousy, and other unpleasant feelings, through Vivation.

Vivation does not require reliving anything from the past. On the contrary, it is about letting go of the past completely, and living in the now, where joy is found. Vivation also does not involve analysis, figuring anything out, or any mental process whatsoever. Vivation does not involve telling anybody anything about your past hard experiences. Vivation works within the privacy of your own being, at the level of the feelings in your body.

Vivation is something healing that you do for yourself. It involves self-honesty, acceptance, and the willingness to start living a better life. Your emotions are your own resources and your own responsibility. No one else, no matter what they do, can heal your emotions. You and only you can do it for yourself. Emotional healing is an inside job.

Vivation is physically pleasurable. Even when we are dealing with emotions that were very hard in the past, with Vivation they emerge gently and they heal permanently. You can feel the healing take place inside your own body.
Vivation is very efficient. Once you learn Vivation, you can achieve about one major emotional healing per minute of practice. Each one of these healings would be a life-changer all by itself. The experience of Vivation is going into deeper and deeper bliss. The self-healing in Vivation feels that good.

You can use Vivation to heal an emotion right in the moment that it comes up, in daily life, at work, at home with your family, when you are all aloneľanytime. Because Vivation feels so good, is endlessly fascinating, and produces such large results, you will also want to practice it frequently to enjoy giving yourself massive emotional healing.

If your goal is to live a happy, stress-free, emotionally healthy life, then Vivation is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself.

You can learn a lot about Vivation by reading other articles on this site or reading my third book: “Vivation – the Skill of Happiness”

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